> Have Faith, Expect Miracles.

Have Faith, Expect Miracles.

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You will find love once you decide to leave your past grievances in the past. Think that’s simple, over-said advice? You’re not wrong– but how many of us have actually done it? You can’t move forward if every person you meet you compare to someone else, or some part of you is still holding out for the one that got away. If you want something new, embrace newness. Brianna West, Thought Catalog, 6 Ways and Places You Find Love (via kate-mcbride)

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I am literally always tired and I’m starting to not mind so much because sleeping is the most beautiful thing in life

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*mic drop*




*mic drop*


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it honestly baffles me how rude customers and even coworkers can be

like I would rather shrivel up and die than be so blatantly rude to someone for no reason

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sandy this is your pappy speaking and i forbid you to go after this worm! y’all come back here young lady!


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